Urgent Care for Parents

Urgent Care for Parents… Parenting Help ASAP

Your kids are out of control.

Their emotions are high, and so are yours.

You do not know what you should do!

Nothing seems to work! You have tried everything!

You have lost your patience.

You need support now!

You do not have time to read a book, do an Internet search, or take a class!!!

You just need someone to talk to ASAP!

Who can you turn to for help, FAST?

My name is Jennifer Watanabe, a long-time parent coach. I retired from Bellevue College in Washington state where I taught parenting classes for 24 years. 

Urgent Care for Parents ASAP – Coaching for ASAP

First, you ensure that everybody is safe.

Then, you can schedule a 30-minute coaching session on Zoom here: Urgent care services ASAP are $50 for 30 minutes.

This schedule will show the available on call appointments. 

We will work together to create a plan for what you can do right now.

Email: jennifer@resourcesforparenting.com 

Notice: I am a mandated child abuse reporter. Call 911 (or the emergency number in your area) if there is suspected child abuse by you or another person.

Additional Resource: National Parent Helpline | 1.855.4A.PARENT (1-855-427-2736) 

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