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I was born and raised in Indiana. In 1988 I moved to Washington state for a new job and to be with family. I feel blessed to call both places home.

I met my husband Mark on a blind date. We have been married for 32 years. When our oldest child cried after he got his 10-day-old immunizations, I tried to comfort him by patting him on the back and saying, “You’re okay. You’re okay. You’re okay.” My husband offered up a different approach. He said, “No, it is okay if he cries. The shots hurt.” I still remember that moment, even after 30 years, because I realized that my ‘parenting instincts’ had not yet kicked in. Thankfully, with time and care I learned more helpful things to say and do. Our sons are now 30 and 27, and they are very nice young men.

During my early weeks of parenting (way back in 1993), I participated in a parent and baby support group called PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) in the Seattle area. My participation in that group was life changing. Before PEPS I did not know that one could think about how to be a parent.

A few years later I went back to school to study family development. Soon after I began my new career at Bellevue College in Washington state working with parents of young children.

In my retirement I still teach and offer consulting and coaching to parents in private practice.

Jennifer Watanabe, Mother of two grown sons

  • Retired from Bellevue College, WA state after 24 years of teaching parenting classes
  • Certified Parent Coach® from Seattle Pacific University‘s Parent Coaching Institute since 2007
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator since 2011

If you would like to learn more, please contact me: | 206-399-4355 okay to text


Therapy TREATS emotional wounds and can be a much-needed family resource. Coaching and consulting are not therapy.   

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