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Before your child was born, you may have imagined that raising a family would be joyful.

You had hoped that you would be a happier parent. 

Now you find that some days are hard.

My name is Jennifer Watanabe. I have been working with parents for over 24 years teaching, consulting and coaching.

Over the years I have found that many parents want to find an easier way to parent. They want to be happier, and they want their family to be happier, too.

Through Coaching and Consulting, I guide parents to navigate the difficult days more easily. I encourage parents as they help their child do better in school and to have better behavior at home. I am non-judgmental.

For some parents Simplifying Family Life will help. 

Getting more encouragement, guidance and support will help, too.

You can schedule a call for us to introduce ourselves to see if working with me will help your family. If there is not a time listed that will work for you, please email me, and we will find a time that does. If you prefer to email me first, please do.

To learn more, please contact me at or 206-399-4355. It is okay to text.

Jennifer Watanabe, Child Behavior Consultant and Parent Coach
  • Retired from Bellevue College, WA state after 24 years of teaching parenting classes
  • Certified Parent Coach from Seattle Pacific University’s Parent Coaching Institute since 2007
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator since 2011

Therapy TREATS emotional wounds and can be a much-needed family resource. Coaching and consulting are not therapy. 

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