Parent Coaching

Before your child was born, you thought that parenting would be joyful and manageable.

Now you find that some days are hard, and you wonder what you can do. 

When parenting is hard you may need more understanding of what you are going through, more support to help you get through this time, more grace, and more encouragement. You may need more tools. You will need less criticism, less guilt, less self-blaming.

Parent coaching is a practical, positive, effective, and loving way to help you make your family life easier and your family happier.

Here are some parenting challenges that we can work on together:

    • Strengthening the relationships in your family.
    • Creating a more peaceful co-parenting plan or a parallel parenting plan.
    • Resolving your parenting disagreements with a co-parent and/or a caregiver.
    • Finding a better balance between your professional and personal life, a better work-life balance.
    • Finding more support and encouragement in your family life and your professional life.
    • Managing being overwhelmed by work and family life responsibilities. Discovering what you can do to ease the struggle.
    • Returning to work after parental leave: finding the right childcare and discovering when the best time is.  
    • Becoming a more encouraging, less critical parent.
    • Improving family communication, telling your family’s love story, knowing what to say and how.
    • Managing the big emotions in your family, including temper tantrums.
    • Mapping the temperament differences in your family. What to do when the personalities in your family are just not compatible. How to minimize the upsets that are prompted by temperament. 
    • Parenting toddlers and preschoolers, including managing potty training, picking a preschool, supporting new friendships, managing temper tantrums and time-outs.
    • Finding ways to stop bribing your children in order to get their cooperation.
    • Finding ways to become a more responsive and less reactive parent.

My approach to coaching is DISCOVER and DO. 

I support and encourage parents as they DISCOVER what they need to do and as they create a DO-able action plan to make family life better. Coaching can then support parents as they begin to implement their newfound parenting plan… as they begin to DO what needs to be done.

I do this work in a respectful, non-judgmental and encouraging manner.

You can choose one-to-one coaching sessions, or you can gather some friends together for group coaching.

Some parents want to meet for just a few sessions in order to work on a certain parenting issue.

Other parents want to meet for a longer period in order to gain support and encouragement during a difficult family time. 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation: Is coaching right for you?  

Schedule a one-hour coaching appointment.

We can meet on Zoom, on the phone or in person. 

Jennifer Watanabe, Parent Coach:

  • Bellevue College, WA state – retired after teaching parenting classes for 24 years.
  • Certified Parent Coach from Seattle Pacific University’s Parent Coaching Institute.
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator.
206-399-4355 okay to text

Coaching is not therapy. Therapy TREATS emotional wounds and can be a much-needed family resource. Coaching acknowledges the past, and then CREATES a plan with the parent for moving forward.

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